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75 companies named Top Orange County Workplaces in 2011, including Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.

Editor’s Note: As reported in the OC Register, more than 18,500 employees from 119 companies across Orange County took time to give their opinions on their workplace. Employees were asked to respond anonymously to 20 statements about their workplace experience and the leadership at their company. The company rankings are calculated by WorkplaceDynamics on the employees responses to these statements – so the results are truly based on employee feedback. Ten large companies, 25 midsize companies, and 40 small workplaces made the list of Top O.C. Workplaces 2011.

As you look through the list of “top” Orange County workplaces, I’ll bet you’ll find that each company has a policy of ensuring customer service, quality and care, and treating their workers as valuable to their enterprise.  One of the companies, Blizzard Entertainment, Inc., along with Mike Morhaime, CEO, president and co-founder, was the subject of an article I blogged entitled “Mike Morhaime, Blizzard Entertainment: 1 of 5 O.C. entrepreneurs honored as Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year.”  Per Blizzard’s website, their Mission Statement and Core Values consist of the following:

“Blizzard Entertainment’s eight core values represent the principles and beliefs that have guided our company throughout the years. These values are reflected in employees’ decisions and actions every day.”

1.  Gameplay First

Everything we do at Blizzard Entertainment is based on the success of the gaming experiences we provide our players. The goal of each discipline within the company — be it art, programming or customer support — is to make our games as fun as possible for as many people as we can reach.

2.  Commit To Quality

“Blizzard polish” doesn’t just refer to our gameplay experiences, but to every aspect of our jobs. We approach each task carefully and seriously. We seek honest feedback and use it to improve the quality of our work. At the end of the day, most players won’t remember whether the game was late — only whether it was great.

3.  Play Nice; Play Fair

In our business first impressions are important — but lasting impressions are everything. We strive to maintain a high level of respect and integrity in all interactions with our players, colleagues, and business partners. The conduct of each Blizzard Entertainment employee, whether online or offline, can reflect on the entire company.

4.  Embrace Your Inner Geek

Everyone here is a geek at heart. Cutting-edge technology, comic books, science fiction, top-end video cards, action figures with the kung-fu grip. Whatever it is they’re passionate about, it matters that each employee embraces it! Their unique enthusiasm helps to shape the fun, creative culture that is Blizzard Entertainment.

5.  Every Voice Matters

Great ideas can come from anywhere. Blizzard Entertainment is what it is today because of the voices of our players and of each member of the company. Every employee is encouraged to speak up, listen, be respectful of other opinions, and embrace criticism as just another avenue for great ideas.

6.  Think Globally

Everywhere on the planet there are people who play Blizzard Entertainment games. While respecting the cultural diversity that makes people unique, we strive to grow and support our global gaming community. We also seek the most passionate, talented people in the world to enrich our company and help us forge the future vision of Blizzard Entertainment.

7.  Lead Responsibly

Our products and practices can affect not only our employees and players — but the industry at large. As one of the world’s leading game companies, we’re committed to making ethical decisions, always keeping our players in mind, and setting a strong example of professionalism and excellence at all times.

8.  Learn & Grow

The games industry is ever-changing. Technology improves, techniques change, and design philosophies become outdated. Since the founding of Blizzard Entertainment, we’ve worked to improve through experience, teaching one another and cultivating the desire to be the best at what we do. We see this as an individual responsibility as well as a company one. Employees can count on their peers, managers, and the company itself to be supportive and help them gain the knowledge and training they need.

Here’s the article:


1. Evergreen Realty and Associates, Inc.

2. Montage Laguna Beach

3. Behr Process Corporation

4. Applied Medical

5. Orange Coast Memorial Medical Center

6. Universal Services of America

7. Blizzard Entertainment

8. Fountain Valley School District

9. St. Jude Medical Center

10. Corinthian Colleges, Inc.


1. DPR Construction

2. Orange County High School of the Arts

3. The Covington – An Episcopal Home Community

4. McCarthy Building Companies, Inc.

5. Clarient, Inc.

6. Silverado Senior Living

7. Skyworks Solutions, Inc.

8. QSC Audio Products, LLC

9. PADI Americas

10. Focus Diagnostics Inc. – Lab & Clinical Trials

11. Veterinary Pet Insurance Company

12. CalOptima

13. Emulex Corp.

14. Monarch HealthCare

15. Alta Resources

16. North Orange County ROP

17. SA Recycling

18. Atria Senior Living Group

19. Collectors Universe Inc.

20. Bausch+Lomb

21. MS International Inc.

22. City of Brea

23. Morningside of Fullerton

24. Magnaflow Exhaust Products

25. Microsoft Corporation


1. Motorcycle Industry Council

2. Mattson Resources

3. Trace3

4. The Lily Sanctuary

5. Southern Orange County Pediatric Associates

6. Aspen Medical Products

7. Coastline Regional Occupational Program

8. JMG Security Systems, Inc.

9. Camden Property Trust

10. DreamHost

11. Soka University

12. John Patterson’s OC Auto Team

13. Medical Specialties Managers, Inc.

14. Edward Jones Investments

15. Roland DGA Corporation

16. W.L. Butler Construction, Inc.

17. CyberCoders

18. Telogis

19. Tayani Eye Institute

20. KimstaffHR and Kimco Staffing

21. Heritage Pointe

22. Sukut Construction Inc.

23. GENEX Services Inc.

24. West Pacific Medical Laboratory

25. CresaPartners of Orange County

26. Online Trading Academy

27. Kushner, Smith, Joanou, and Gregson, LLP

28. Fuscoe Engineering

29. Eagle Community Credit Union

30. Arbitech

31. Enhanced Vision

32. Precept

33. Saddleback Valley Christian School

34. Equus Products Inc./Innova Electronics

35. Jones Lang LaSalle

36. DynTek Services, Inc.

37. Kronos Incoporated

38. Tower Group Companies

39. Wildfish Seafood Grille

40. Vinculums



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