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My Philosophy is unique amongst Tax Lawyers

My Orange County Tax Law Firm’s Philosophy has not changed at all since I began my law career over 30 years ago. My goal and philosophy is similar and on target with the goals of other attorneys in my field — we all want our clients to resolve their tax problems quickly, efficiently, and with the least amount of cost and stress. Where I differ is in the approach to getting the job done. This, in my opinion, separates me from the pack.

Work Quietly – In the Background

While others seek the public light, my philosophy is that I prefer to work in the background. My best victories for my tax controversy clients are things that never hit the newspaper, media, etc., or become a public record such as a reported case. There are a lot of lawyers who seek to make a name for themselves by going forward in court when there is absolutely no hope or chance at victory. They ultimately make “bad law” at the expense of their clients.

Work Quietly - In the BackgroundThis is not to say I will not pursue matters in Court. I do, and have successfully done so for many years. Yet, what most of my clients want, which seems to be the same for all prospective clients, is a fast resolution of their case with minimal public disclosure. It’s my goal, when possible, to work the quiet, discrete, social-network back channels on behalf of my clients. This has been my mission, goal and overriding philosophy throughout my practice.

For example, when the IRS issues a “no change” letter in an audit of my clients, there is no public news. There is absolutely no news or other public spectacle about the victory.

The same is true with respect to criminal tax cases. When I convince the Federal and State Government (IRS, State of California Franchise Tax Board, Employment Development Department, and State Board of Equalization) not to prosecute, and in effect, “kill the criminal case” against my clients, everybody wins – – – yet nobody knows…

When the criminal case is killed, i.e., stopped by the Government, there is no public announcement — hence my clients are happy since no one knows of the trouble they were in, nor of the dangers they faced when confronted with the possible loss of freedom.

My best sources of referrals has always been tax attorneys, accountants (certified public accountants), enrolled agents, tax preparers, and other attorneys not savvy in tax matters. Obviously, satisfied Clients have helped as well but not many want to admit their prior problems with Uncle Sam or the California Taxing Agencies. I will be more than happy to provide references upon request.

Meet Paul Raymond

Meet Paul Raymond

Mr. Raymond is a sought after speaker in tax controversy law by many attorney, accountant, and business groups and at the request of the Internal Revenue Service, has presented programs at the IRS Nationwide Tax Forum, attended by tax professionals throughout the United States.

Additionally, he continues to be an active member in the Section of Taxation, American Bar Association, where he was the Past Chair of the Employment Taxes Committee.

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