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Superlawyer I am, but do I need a plaque telling me so?

For the last few years, I have been fortunate to have been named one of California’s Super Lawyers and you can find me at this link.

I enjoy the privilege of being selected and nominated by my colleagues (who do the voting), and I am truly honored.  When your colleagues hold you in high esteem, in this profession, that means everything.  What I don’t know is whether or not I need to order the plaque telling me so.

You see after each year’s nomination, attorneys who are listed on the Super Lawyers website, are then inundated with solicitations to purchase a commemorative plaque, such as the one in the photo above. Also, in some solicitations I’ve received,  lawyers can elect to set up a special website, a custom web page, for an additional fee, of course, as well as purchase a desktop marquee.  I am wondering if the plaque is worth the expense.  I have already removed from my office walls, all my other certificates and plaques regarding the legal profession, in favor of art work and other fun stuff.  Another problem is that I have a limited amount of wall space.

I do feel I deserve something for my achievement.  At times I’ve felt like a Super Lawyer,aka Superman, leaping tall buildings in a single bound.  I’ve had my share of sleepless nights, worrying and stressing about this case or another.  And at times, I’ve felt like a kicked dog.  All in all, it has been a balanced approach over the almost 30 years of my law practice.

I suppose a client would be impressed by the classification upon seeing the plaque, but it seems to me that can be accomplished in my bio on this website.  In prior years, I would not have hesitated and instead purchased everything.  Today, I’m learning that “I’m ok,”  and I don’t necessarily need a plaque to tell me so.  On the other hand, the plaque and the desktop marquee are both pretty nice, and are tastefully done.  . . . I’ll probably purchase them both, . . .  .

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Meet Paul Raymond

Meet Paul Raymond

Mr. Raymond is a sought after speaker in tax controversy law by many attorney, accountant, and business groups and at the request of the Internal Revenue Service, has presented programs at the IRS Nationwide Tax Forum, attended by tax professionals throughout the United States.

Additionally, he continues to be an active member in the Section of Taxation, American Bar Association, where he was the Past Chair of the Employment Taxes Committee.

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